March 2018 Translations

Translations published this month

04/03/2018- Six Eight: memories of a year in revolution (1)
21 October-20 December 1967: Long live the victorious people’s war!  by Fausto Giudice Фаусто Джудиче فاوستو جيوديشي

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January 2017 Translations

Happy New Year to everybody!

Here are my published translations for this month:

-11/01/2017 Save the Yemenis! by Boshra al-Maqtari

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-12/01/2017 We urge that the harassment of refugees abandoned to the streets of Paris cease immediately by the Breakfast at Flandres Collective

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18/01/2017 Tunisia: 6 years after a quasi-revolution, a never-ending interregnum By Fausto Giudice



August 2015 Translations

Translations published this month:

8/08/2015 From Palestine to Yemen: honour and shame of the Arab world

13/08/2015 Third-Reich-sur-Seine: the French collaborationist tradition

18/08/2015 articles for the Tunisian business and tourism magazine IN OUT AIRPORT, sold in Tunis airport

20/08/2015 Democracy in the trash
Indebt and Punish: on the final declaration of the Eurozone summit on Greece

22/08/2015 Greece: The Night of Dupes