September 2015 Translations

Translations published this month:

02/09/2015 subtitles for Youtube videos War without mercy in Yemen. Warning, these contain graphic content. Original language Arabic, I translated the transcript from French.

14/09/2015 What the Greeks are telling us, and what we can say to them

18/09/2015 While the world is burning, the cat grooms itself: The new religion of Varoufakis: “pure reason”

20/09/2015 School Reforms and Total Capitalism: “Lord, I do not want to go to their school anymore” published by 4th media and others

21/09/2015 11 articles for IN/OUT AIRPORT magazine, sold at Tunis Airport

23/09/2015 The French Secular Mafia’s Carpetbaggers

24/09/2015 Arab world joins forces against Israel… sorry, against Yemen

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