July 2015 Translations

Links to translations by me published this month:

-07/07/2015 War Without Mercy in Yemen. US Engineered Humanitarian Crisis
published by Global Research & Information Clearing House , Pressenza & others http://www.globalresearch.ca/war-without-mercy-in-yemen-us-engineered-humanitarian-crisis/5461148

-08/07/2015 OΧΙ: The Greek χ (chi) is NOT an “x”, you bunch of Boeotians! http://www.tlaxcala-int.org/article.asp?reference=15192

-09/07/2015 Violence in M’zab: Who benefits from the tribalisation of southern Algeria? http://www.tlaxcala-int.org/article.asp?reference=15209

-14/07/2015 Greece: The Master of the Game http://www.tlaxcala-int.org/article.asp?reference=15261

-14/07/2015 Dear co-Europeans …Letter from a Greek who voted “No” http://www.tlaxcala-int.org/article.asp?reference=15260

-15/07/2015 Israel Is The Ultimate Terrorist published by ICH http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article42380.html

-19/07/2015 Iran nuclear deal: the Triumph of the Islamic Republic And why Israel has reason to worry

-21/07/2015 The Loaf of bread of the Fourth Reich. July 2015: the month that saw the return of the German question http://www.tlaxcala-int.org/article.asp?reference=15350

-23/07/2015 Farewell Manuel http://www.tlaxcala-int.org/article.asp?reference=15380

-29/07/2015 Iran nuclear deal: the Islamic Republic sticks to its guns http://sayed7asan.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/iran-nuclear-deal-islamic-republic.html#sthash.uP6UkDYZ.dpuf

-30/07/2015 Sociālie Eksperimenti – Aicinājums Filmēties!

-31/07/2015 France / Iran: Voluntary Servitude Woos Triumphant Resistance http://sayed7asan.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/france-iran-voluntary-servitude-woos.html

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